“Too Gay”

The American way of thinking is perhaps the main reason why Liberace refused to declare his homosexuality. He knew that not even his country — let alone the world — would be ready to accept him. Why was he always single? He was just looking for the right woman.

Today, we live in an age that is welcoming homosexuality with open arms and an accepting hug. Or at least it is pretending to. Left, right, and centre, celebrities of every age, gender, and colour are coming out of the god forbidden closet, proclaiming the liberation they feel to the world. It has become such a popular act that it’s almost the in thing. Remember when it was cool to be seen driving a sports car? Well, now it’s cool to be gay. Poor old Rock Hudson would be dying for a get out of jail free card right about now. But I suspect Liberace wouldn’t. If he knew that America had refused to distribute his biopic for being “too gay”, more hair from his head would have fallen off. And no plastic surgery can fix that.

I attended a screening of Steven Soderbergh’s Behind The Candelabra today, and I was amused by two things.

One, I was the only one under the age of 60. There were pockets of friends, a few individuals, and a few couples, but no rowdy teens or young adults. It was just me, and I didn’t quite know what to make of it. Maybe it was just the wrong time, or maybe no youngster really cares about Mr. Liberace. But Matt Damon’s in it too. Surely he’s known around the crowd. And then I thought of something else: How is it that, for a movie with so much gayness — and there is quite a lot of gayness — the people watching it are predominantly of the older generation? Are they Liberace fans? Heaven knows. I’m not trying to sound ageist or homophobic — because I’m not — but one would think that it’s the new generation that’s more willing to sit in front of a gay movie and enjoy it, what with all the coming-outs these days.

Two, Behind The Candelabra isn’t “too gay”. Yes, there are some graphic scenes, but nothing a matured adult shouldn’t be able to handle. I doubt your 5 year old child will be taken to a screening, so I don’t see why there is an issue.

Anyway, all this is just thought. I have no point, nor am I trying to make one. I observed something today and I am telling you about it. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, and I shall be posting my review of it soon. So keep an eye out, and go watch it if you haven’t already. It doesn’t matter what age you are. zack

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