The Perfect Junction For A Night Movie

My brother and I decided to watch a movie. Before Midnight was the title. Luna Leederville was the location. 6:30pm was the time. Admittedly, we left a little late, so I was already unsure if we were gonna make it on time. And then, we got stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway, thanks to a three car collision (they were all fine, by the way). By 6:40pm, we were still on the road. So we decided to go for the 9:10pm show instead and have dinner before. Turned out to be a fantastic decision.

I’d been to Luna before, but I never had the chance to just sit down and have a nice meal prior to watching a movie. This time, though, my brother and I took a stroll down the street, which was lined with restaurants, bistros, pubs, and shops. Some quaint, some mainstream. There was a Subway too. We browsed a record shop and decided that a turntable will be on our list of things to own.

Since Little Caesars (a gourmet pizza place) was packed, we settled for a burger joint (its name escapes me now). The food was pretty good — the garlic mayo in particular — and I remember not wanting to eat too much because I was craving a San Churro’s peanut butter milkshake. San Churro, in case you didn’t know, is a lovely little chocolateria that sells churros with a chocolate dip, a whole bunch of coffee, and other sweet things. I was overjoyed to know that there was an outlet just across the road from the burger joint. So we headed there after our meal.

We had so much time to kill, which was great, because it meant that we could take our time and sit down and chat. I had my milkshake and cradled it, while my brother had a coffee. We talked, and people watched, and talked some more. The evening couldn’t have been more relaxed. What made it great, too, was the fact that we weren’t in a mall or a complex; we were out in the streets, breathing in fresh cool air and watching pedestrians go about their daily lives. It was charming.

When the time came, we got up, crossed the road twice at the adjacent intersection, entered the cinema, and enjoyed Before Midnight. By the time the movie was over, we both agreed that missing the 6:30pm show wasn’t such a bad thing after all. zack

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