Year In Film: 2013


Year In Film | Top 10

If you’ve been following my site for a few months, you’d have a pretty good idea which movies will be on this list. More importantly, you’d be able to accurately guess which will top it. It’s been a good year for movies (better than I thought it would be). The first 7 or 8 months…


Year In Film | Honourable Mentions

Here are my Honourable Mentions of 2013, movies that just missed the Top 10. They are not numbers 11 – 15; in fact they are not numbered at all. I’ve listed them alphabetically. Surprisingly, 2013 has sprouted a considerable amount of quality movies. I wouldn’t have guessed it going into June or July, but by…


Year In Film | Bottom 10

It’s that time of the year again. I usually prefer to leave my end-of-year lists to the very end — some unexpected gems might pop up during the last week of December — and so now, on the 28th, I present to you my first: The least favourite movies of the year. I’d like to…

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