Awesome Mix Vol. Forever

Warning: Spoilers may follow. “Hail (hail), what’s the matter with your head, yeahHail (hail), what’s the matter with your mind and your sign?And-a ooh-ohhHail (hail), nothin’s a matter with your head, baby, find itCome on and find itHail, with it, baby, cause you’re fine and you’re mineAnd you look so divine” So begins the song…

Right Title, Wrong Seminar

I attended a seminar on low-budget filmmaking¬†earlier this week and, to my dismay, we spent more time critiquing British Indie films than we did discussing the numerous possibilities of developing and green-lighting low-budget films as amateur filmmakers. It all looked good on paper; the seminar was to be hosted by Paul Welsh, a movie producer…


That Lamp Is Pain

I am a student of film. By this definition I am expected to study film and draw my own conclusions based on what I find. Not long ago I used to hop from university class to university class, sitting somewhere in the middle listening to lecturers and film theorists dissect and break open a film…


Bond. James Bond.

August 24th. That was the date I began my James Bond odyssey. I wanted to do it last year to coincide with his 50th anniversary, but I never got around to. Well, I watched the first three and then stopped. So this year I decided to push on through and finish it all. And after…


Twelve Down, Eleven To Go

I wanted to begin my James Bond odyssey, but after watching numbers eleven and twelve, I’m beginning to question the reasons behind such a want. So far, the franchise has been like a rollercoaster; it started off decent, got good, got better, declined slightly, hit a peak with The Spy Who Loved Me, and then…


Bond 50: An Odyssey

My first James Bond movie was Goldeneye. So for me, Pierce Brosnan is the one who started it all. Not Sean Connery. “Blasphemy!” I hear you say. Well no, not exactly. Everyone associates the first Bond with the first actor they’ve seen play him. For some, Roger Moore is Bond. For others, it’s George Lazenby….


“Too Gay”

The American way of thinking is perhaps the main reason why Liberace refused to declare his homosexuality. He knew that not even his country — let alone the world — would be ready to accept him. Why was he always single? He was just looking for the right woman. Today, we live in an age…

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