Bond 50: An Odyssey

My first James Bond movie was Goldeneye. So for me, Pierce Brosnan is the one who started it all. Not Sean Connery. “Blasphemy!” I hear you say. Well no, not exactly. Everyone associates the first Bond with the first actor they’ve seen play him. For some, Roger Moore is Bond. For others, it’s George Lazenby. For the Flower Power generation — and the Bond purists — Connery is the indisputable 007. Now, I have decided to find out why.

Since I have never been a hardcore James Bond fan, I haven’t seen all 23 movies. I’m even going to be completely honest and say that I’ve never seen any pre-Goldeneye Bond movie. So, yes, Connery, Lazenby, Moore, and Dalton are as foreign to me as Hebrew. But fret not, I plan to rectify this. I am writing this journal to let everyone know that I plan to begin a James Bond odyssey. I was supposed to start this last year — to coincide with his 50th anniversary — but I never got around to doing it. So let’s make this Bond 51.

Over the next however long it takes, I shall be watching and reviewing all 23 Bond films. I watched the first three last year, during my initial attempt to get this endeavor underway, but lost the reviews when my Tumblr blog got deleted by some malicious soul. Therefore, the first review shall be movie #4: Thunderball. I will re-watch and re-review the first three as and when I can.

So, sit back and be patient. Bond will return.

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